A digital signature platform helping businesses operating in AML
– regulated industries to optimize document transactions.


To speed up and modernize administrative processes.


Digitization and automation of the document management process.


Digital signature and verification and document management platform.


Penneo is a Danish company founded in 2014, which evolved from a digital signature application into an eco-system of automation solutions helping businesses operating in AML – regulated industries. What began as a startup located in a basement in Copenhagen is now a company listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen Main Market. Penneo provides solutions which make it easy and convenient to sign documents digitally, verify the identity of clients, and meet AML compliance duties. The main industries to which they address their offer are Finance & Banking, Audit & Accounting, Legal Services, and Real Estate.

  • Scope

    Development and maintaning integrations, API Management

  • Industry

    Business administration for AML- regulated industries

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Companies with heavy paper-based processes have to deal with a large number of documents that need to be signed and stored securely. This can be a cumbersome, time-consuming, and expensive activity when done manually.


Penneo helps its clients to digitalize data collection and document signing. The client uses an electronic ID for authentication and signing which is a much more secure method. What is more, the application accelerates and upgrades the administrative processes related to time-consuming manual work and paper-based transactions. This way, Penneo’s clients can automate their document signing processes and and store them on one secure platform.

Penneo’s team also works on providing integrations between different tools and software, so users can easily move data between their own systems and Penneo’s application. The team of developers from FINGO is responsible for developing and maintaining integrations, as well as working on deploying API management.

Project result
Project results

The client can spend less time on handling documents.

The signing process is easier, and documents are signed much faster.

Access to sensitive information is restricted.

Documents are stored and shared in a secure way.