Bespoke fintech software solutions

Use new technologies to create innovative digital products that your customers need. Deliver better, faster and more efficient solutions compliant with financial market regulations.

Accelerate your innovations, ensure security and compliance

Accelerate your fintech innovations in accordance with the highest security standards and financial market regulations. Increase the security, proper protection and profitability of your data. Meet supervisory requirements for the processing of reporting information, use the potential of the cloud and create innovative solutions that will ensure the stable development of your business.

Regulatory software development

Bespoke RegTech Solutions

Obligatory reporting systems

Cloud & data engineering

Solve key business challenges, increase competitiveness and create innovative digital products

Using technological innovations, fintechs solve key problems of the financial industry, accelerate digitization, fill new niches, provide personalized services and products that customers expect.

However, the dynamic development of new technologies, growing competition, requirements in the field of cybersecurity and data protection mean that they have to face many challenges. Regardless of whether you create innovative solutions, think about optimizing and scaling your business, or face complex challenges in a mature organization - to be successful on the financial market you must be flexible, responsive, effective and act in accordance with regulations.

At FINGO, we support the financial industry by creating innovative software in accordance with the requirements of supervisors and the highest security standards. We provide comprehensive IT services and develop our own products for mandatory reporting for financial institutions.

Thanks to many years of experience and expert technical knowledge, we create modern solutions that help companies solve complex business challenges, increase competitiveness and create modern products tailored to customer needs.

Transforming your challenges into business opportunities

Your challenge

The goal of fintechs is to solve the key problems of the financial industry using new technologies. Their dynamic development, as well as strong competition and growing customer expectations, force them to constantly strive for innovation and reach for tools that will allow them to provide better, faster and more effective solutions. However, innovation does not have to mean a breakthrough and a revolution on the market. Its sources lie not in blindly following the competition, but in the rational determination of one's potential and resources, and their proper use. Therefore, the key to success is the implementation of one's own unique business mission so as to solve customer problems in the first place.

Our Solution

Innovation in business today is largely based on data analysis, and the creation of non-standard solutions based on them is a complex process based on understanding the needs of the business and the client, as well as the ability to model. At FINGO, we will help you properly design a product, service or internal application that will help solve complex business problems. Starting from defining business goals, the scope and specifics of the project, through a thorough analysis of user needs, designing functionalities, UX/UI, to product development that will allow you to realize your vision and bring new value to your business.

Your challenge

Fintech is an industry based on the processing of huge data resources. Strong emphasis on innovation and strong competitive pressure mean that the ability to use them largely determines success today. It is thanks to them that fintechs create personalized services and solutions that facilitate key business decisions.

Our Solution

By creating data-driven solutions, we support the automation and personalization of your services. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we provide innovative solutions that bring real value to your business. We develop modern data platforms and analytical tools that facilitate making key decisions, help to achieve better operational and financial results.

Your challenge

In a technology-driven business, aspects such as speed, efficiency and scalability play a key role. Therefore, running applications and systems require continuous optimization. On the one hand, this means striving to reduce costs, on the other - investments in solutions that will translate into greater efficiency and profitability.

Our Solution

At FINGO, we help companies take full advantage of the cloud's potential. From migration and launching a seamless work environment, through digitization and optimization of processes, to the development of native applications and SaaS platforms. By combining expert knowledge, skills and experience, we take care of the qualitative adoption of your business to the cloud. We modernize and optimize software, increase efficiency and scalability, and help reduce IT costs, which translates into business profitability.

Your challenge

The development of the fintech industry brings a number of challenges related to the security and legal regulation of new solutions. As in the case of traditional financial institutions, their activities are heavily regulated, which translates into specific guidelines for managing the area of technology and security of the ICT environment. The cryptocurrency industry is currently a particular regulatory challenge. Despite many ambiguities, some companies comply with the regulations on regulated financial institutions on the basis of good practices, and ensuring an appropriate level of information security is one of the main challenges in this sector.

Our Solution

At FINGO, we support financial institutions by providing modern solutions that allow you to comply with regulations, increase data security and transparency. We create mandatory reporting systems that help regulated financial institutions meet their reporting obligations in accordance with the requirements of supervisory authorities, ensuring confidentiality, integrity and proper data protection. By developing our own SaaS platform, we help meet regulatory requirements for processing reporting information in the cloud. We also support companies that use advanced AML solutions (KYC and KYT), helping to integrate information from various sources, adapting them to business processes and the specificity of the client's solutions.

Bespoke fintech software development

Based on modern technologies

Develop innovative and reliable software in line with financial market guidelines and the highest security standards.

Using data to drive your business

Use data effectively, solve key business problems and increase business competitiveness.

Discovering the potential of the cloud

Accelerate your cloud transformation process, from migration to optimization to native app and SaaS platform development.

We create outstanding digital products for the financial industry. By providing secure and scalable software solutions, we can help you achieve your business goals, increase competitiveness, and comply with regulatory requirements..

Services that will move
your company forward

End-to-end development

Develop innovative and reliable software in line with financial market guidelines and the highest security standards.

Cloud Adoption

Use the potential of the cloud to increase the flexibility and competitiveness of your business - from migration, through optimization, to native cloud applications and SaaS platforms.

Software optimization

By combining business, analytical, creative and programming talents, we create optimal software solutions that bring real value to your business.

Security & Compliance

Tackle your security concerns and mitigate potential attacks. Our team has solutions to take care of data confidentiality and integrity, authentication, perimeter security, and access control.

Digital product designing

Build customer-centric apps that keep up with market demands, leveraging systems and data in sync.

Data & AI

Take your digitization to the next level with data-driven solutions. Use the potential of artificial intelligence, solve business challenges and increase the competitiveness.


Adapt your systems to the challenges posed by the development of technology. We can help you modernize your software to reduce costs, increase efficiency, scalability and profitability of your business.

Obligatory Reporting

Make your obligatory reporting convenient. Automate your process with modern solutions available on our SaaS platform.

For over twenty years we have been creating digital solutions, which have changed the business of our clients

“Due to FIDLEG regulations, we decided to introduce a new risk profiling tool for our clients. The FINGO team was responsible for creating a web application based on the mathematical model of Behavioural Finance Solutions GmbH by Enrico De Giorgi and Thorsten Hens, mapping a multi-level questionnaire and creating a training module with an investment course. We are very pleased with this cooperation. They are very reliable, have business awareness and their understanding of the project requirements allowed us to implement it efficiently”.

Patrick Vogt
FIDLEG IT-Projectlead,
Hypothekarbank Lenzburg

“The development significantly increased the reliability of the software and reduced monthly costs. FINGO establishes regular communication channels to encourage active feedback. The team is personable and hard-working, crafting an enjoyable experience”.

Michał Marek
Product Owner,
Resident Property Software Ltd

"We needed help in building our product to speed up its development. We preferred a partner that had experience with event-based systems and distributed ledger technology. FINGO thankfully had this expertise, along with other skills we were looking for. They have easily integrated with the rest of the team and took the time to fully understand the business domain. They’ve even pushed us to implement new practices and better policies when developing”.

Kyle Bradley
CTO, Umazi

“The product was delivered on time and is now being successfully tested in Great Britain. The responsive and diligent team at FINGO was able to act as a partner, advising on issues and providing solutions to challenges”.

Alex Balantyne
Founder & Director,
Praxis Workwell Ltd

"We redesigned our front-end for Genius Forecaster Suits and the FINGO team helped us with their reactivity and quality of services. Providing us with a complete new interface for our users. The new design allowed us to improve the product usability and facilitate integration for our customers. The quality of delivery was impressive".

Mohamed Bibimoune
CTO, Predictive Layer

“We needed a qualified team of engineers to initiate our API Management and Integrations projects. With FINGO we found a remote team that matched our ways of working in an Agile/Scrum setting, and we feel they are a true part of our product team. I would definitely recommend them”.

Jesús Otero
VP of Engineering, Penneo

Our business awareness, ​commitment and agile ​approach creates ​value rapidly

Partnership cooperation and focus on business goals

Business awareness and commitment

Experienced and well -coordinated agile teams

The developers prepered to work directly with the client

Build next-gen fintech solutions with FINGO

The FinTech industry is a combination of cutting-edge technologies and rigorous regulatory frameworks, as well as innovative solutions that provide great opportunities. On the one hand, they allow to solve key challenges of the banking and financial sector, facilitate the digitization, automation and personalization of services. On the other hand, they bring a number of challenges in the sphere of data protection, cybersecurity and legal regulations..

In the fintech industry, which relies heavily on data, progress today depends on the ability to use it. Data engineering makes it possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales activities, streamline processes and solve complex business challenges - from analyzing needs and preferences, through improving customer service, to personalizing the offer and predicting future demand. However, the need to analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources makes it increasingly difficult for companies to draw the right conclusions.

At FINGO, we create solutions that will allow you to use them effectively. We help in migration, data flow and quality management. We build modern analytical tools and cloud applications that enable solving complex business chellanges, forecasting trends, identifying opportunities and making better decisions.

In the case of financial applications, data security and user privacy protection are of paramount importance, and the growing requirements in this area mean that one of the key challenges is to adapt and use the potential of the cloud. At FINGO, we will help you create your first strategy, multi-strategy and cloud transformation - from migration, through optimization and scaling, to the SaaS platforms and app development.

But in addition to using the latest technologies, creating innovations in the FinTech area also requires being proficient in the field of regulation - between EU regulations and the nuances of local markets. Our team has extensive experience in cooperation with financial institutions, we are well versed in the applicable standards and regulations that govern the industry.

To ensure the highest quality of software development services, our teams work closely with lawyers and compliance experts, which translates into understanding applicable laws and helps to implement IT solutions in line with industry requirements. We systematically analyze regulatory changes, business expectations and technology trends to design solutions that resonate with your goals.

At FINGO, we appreciate the boldness of your dreams and the need for innovation, we understand the challenges and needs of the market. We will help you realize your vision by choosing the right technologies and optimal solutions that will allow you to achieve your goal faster - in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards.

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