Comprehensive development services for fintech world changers

At FINGO, we design and implement solutions that deliver real quality to our clients. We develop software with complex business logic, our domain is also modernization and integrating systems, working with large data sets and Machine Learning.

Digital product creation

From the initial idea, through designing and prototyping, to the development and implementation of MVP. We help you create your digital product by translating your vision into working solutions.

Idea & evaluation
UX/UI design
MVP Development

Business software development

Successful digital product development is a comprehensive process. By combining business, analytical, creative and programming talents, we create optimal solutions that bring real value to your business.

Software architecture & design
Web & mobile app development
Enterprise app development

Software optimization

Every business needs innovation, which is why we focus on solutions that solve real problems. We modernize, integrate and optimize software to enable scalability, increase security and reduce costs.

Solution assessment
Business app modernization

Digitization of finance services

We support the digitization of financial services. Our specialty is the optimization of operating solutions based on the latest technologies, cloud solutions, business system migrations and integration.

Cloud adoption
Business systems integrations

Bespoke business software that meet all financial requirements

Let's create your optimal digital solutions together, based on modern technologies, using Claud and Data to drive your business. By providing secure and scalable software solutions, we help achieve your goals, increase competitiveness and comply with regulatory requirements.​

Achieve your goals in the best possible way

Specialization, experience and knowledge of the market allows us to better understand the challenges in the financial sector, choose right technology and apply solutions tailored to the uniqueness of your business.

Experienced teams working together for years​

FINGO consists of over 100 experienced IT specialists, mainly software developers, analysts, DevOps and QA engineers working together for years in our highly efficient agile project teams.

How we work will help you optimally develop your business

We build efficient product teams, employing agile methodologies and solutions to your needs, supporting the development of your business.

Stable and mature development

Half of us have over 9 years of relevant experience in software development. Most of us have been with FINGO for more than 5 years. Thanks to this, we have created a close-knit team and support each other in everyday tasks. A good atmosphere has an influence on the quality of code that we create.


Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Kotlin, Gradle, JUnit


JavaScript, TypeScript, NestJS, Express, TypeORM, Sequelize, Jest


C#, unified .NET platform, Entity Framework

Infrastructure, Cloud
​& data engineering

GCP, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Apache Spark

Frontend & Mobile​

HTML/CSS/SASS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, React Native, Expo


Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, EventStoreDB

Security & authorization​

Keycloak, JWT, OAuth/OpenID, ZAP

Quality assurance​

Cucumber, Selenium WebDriver, Cypress, SOAP UI

General skills

Architecture, DDD, API Design, Microservices, Reactive Systems, Message Brokers, UX

AI & Machine Learning​

SciKit Learn / Keras, TensorFlow, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services

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Fintech software development services providing in the best possible way

As a software house specializing in fintech solutions, we have been providing bespoke software services for over 20 years. Since 2007, we have also been developing our own banking reporting systems, which are used by over 500European institutions, including 2 central banks in Central Europe. We have unique knowledge, technical competence and 15 years of experience in developing proprietary products for regulated banking. We specialize in fintech solutions such as Due diligence, AML (KYC / KYP), Compliance or digital payments. We are familiar with technologies often used in the insurance sector, such as AI &Machine Learning, Big Data & Cloud Solutions.

We create software with complex business logic, monolithic solutions, as well as prepared on the basis of a set of components in the microservice architecture. Our domain is also optimization, modernization, integrating systems and working with large data sets.

At FINGO, we design and implement solutions that deliver real quality to our clients. Narrow specialisation, agile methodologies and self-organised teams allow us to cooperate with both traditional institutions and fintech startups and deliver optimal solution on time.

Our project teams are a great complement to IT departments. Thanks to specialization and technical competences, we provide you with additional expertise at every stage of software development.

Narrow specialisation, agile methodologies and experienced teams allow us to cooperate with both traditional institutions and fintech startups, and deliver optimal solution on time.