We create digital solutions for those who want to change the world of finance

We increase our clients' competitiveness and business value by providing comprehensive software development solutions.

Software engineering for the financial industry

We are engineers, programmers, designers, architects, devops, testers and consultants who create useful fintech solutions and believe they can help improve the way we use financial services.


We specialize in fintech solutions such as Due diligence, AML (KYC / KYP), Compliance or digital payments.


We are familiar with technologies often used in the insurance sector, such as AI & Machine Learning, Big Data & Cloud Solutions.


We have unique knowledge, technical competence and 15 years of experience in developing proprietary products for regulated banking.

Digital Banking

We have experience in digital payments and converting fiduciary currencies to cryptocurrencies.

FINGO in numbers

We have been in the IT industry for more than two decades and 100 qualified specialists, experience in developing our own banking products and dozens of completed projects for clients from all over the world.


Years on the market providing IT services


Talents ready to support your vision and growth


Satisfied financial institutions using our digital products

"We want a safe, predictable, and transparent world of finance, the overriding value of which is social responsibility and consumer welfare. That is why we passionately support projects that change our reality and the way we use financial services".

Małgorzata Marek
Co-founder of FINGO

We support your business growth by providing the talents and expertise you need to succeed

Whether you're a traditional institution or fast-growing fintech company - we give our clients the creative, technical and business talents they need to succeed. We solve technical challenges, provide additional expertise, support your vision and growth by comprehensive software solutions.

We solve technical challenges

For over 20 years we have accumulated experience from dozens of completed projects. As a result, we are well prepared to deal with various types of challenges when creating complex applications and systems for our clients.

We provide additional expertise

Our project teams are a great complement to IT departments. Thanks to specialization and technical competences, we provide you with additional expertise at every stage of software development.

We support development

We understand that growth of your business requires the right resources and capabilities, so we build an experienced team  which delivers to the project the talents, expertise and stability you need.

We drive innovations

We always focus on understanding the goals of our clients. Translating business requirements into working solutions, we help you achieve them.

Innovative solutions for the financial industry

The ever-increasing cybersecurity requirements, competitiveness, and technology development in the highly regulated financial market are massive challenges for thousands of companies worldwide. We support them by creating useful digital products for financial institutions and providing comprehensive software solutions with an emphasis on FinTech, innovation and business modernization.

We build experienced teams that ensure mature and stable development for our clients

FINGO’s experience stems from the experience of its people. That is why it is so important for us to create stable software project teams, composed of people who trust one another, have been working together for many years, and are able to take responsibility for the whole project cycle.

Our specialists have an average of 6 years' experience
9 years of experience for tech leaders
Less than 8% turnover of engineers

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