Making regulatory reporting convenient

Our digital solutions optimize the reporting process and enable financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements.

Obligatory reporting software for regulated financial institutions

We are a provider of regulatory reporting solutions in the EU. Our digital products cover all reporting obligations of regulated financial institutions and support the entire reporting process, making it safer and more convenient. We offer licensed applications, complete solutions (licenses, services, professional implementations) and a SaaS reporting platform.

Automate reporting process

Get a guarantee of data correctness

Stay compliant with regulations

Our digital products

The future lies in the Clouds

"The development of technology and socioeconomic challenges mean that banks and financial institutions are facing a significant change. The need for work automation, unification of technical standards, as well as increasing the detail and scope of reports require comprehensive and effective solutions. To meet these expectations, we have created a set of tools that, within the SaaS platform, make the regulated reporting process safer and more comfortable."

Piotr Malczak
Co-owner and CPO at FINGO

Change regulatory reporting in the SaaS service

Our solutions support the full range of reporting, facilitate and automating the entire process, guaranteeing the security and correctness of data. The SaaS offering immediately enables highly efficient software, without an implementation, configuration and maintenance infrastructure.


Browser-based, intuitive, user-friendly and highly efficient software, instant and easy access


Security and reliability of data thanks to the highest standard and multistage verification


Advanced digital reporting tools available immediately without the need for installation


Total Cost of Ownership Reduction and predictable expenditure

Customize your solution with over 40 types of reports

Our system supports over 40 types of reports submitted by various financial institutions. The modular structure allows choosing only those required and customizing the solution by expanding it with additional functional components.

The package can be extended at any time and this usually takes one working day.

They trust us

For over 15 years we have been supporting regulated financial institutions by providing software solutions that optimize obligatory reporting process. Our products are used by over 500 European institutions in 9 countries, with the leading position in the Polish market.


Countries where our solutions helped automate the reporting process


Satisfied financial institutions using our digital products


Users for whom our tools facilitate the preparation of supervisory reports

Advanced tools

A set of advanced tools ensuring full support in the preparation of supervisory reports with compliance solutions.

Automate reporting process

Our systems allow for the complete automation of the reporting process, which enables optimization of the preparation of reports.

Customize your solution

We adapt the applications to the individual needs of the client thanks to additional modules extending the functionality.

Make your reporting easier

Our systems are intuitive, and the user-friendly interface allows you to use the application without knowing technical aspects related to reporting.

Choose your solution and make reporting convenient

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