Optimizing exclusive fashion e-commerce

Designing and implementing many IT solutions that have supported complex processes related to adding products, handling orders, and returns in an exclusive e-commerce business in the fashion industry.

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To enable online sales and order processing on a large scale.


Optimization of the purchase process, order processing and return of goods.


Design and implementation of many IT solutions for e-commerce.


Our client is an international e-commerce business in the fashion industry. Products from well-known brands are exclusively sold to a closed shopping community. To join the group, you must obtain a special invitation from a current member. It is worth noting, however, that the number of people making up the community is limited. A wide and attractively priced range of items available means that many orders and returns are handled daily.

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    Frontend & Backend Development, Architecture, QA

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    Fashion, E-commerce

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Our client’s e-commerce is based on an extensive product database with many complex, often interrelated business processes. What's more, the scale of the company's operations means that its employees handle many shipments and returns every day.

To optimize the addition of new products, speed up the meticulous handling of returns and eliminate the tedious task of filling in the same information in many places, you need smartly digitized processes.


FINGO developers, over a 10-year cooperation period with client’s employees, have prepared various programming solutions. They have supported and automated many after-sales processes characteristic of a large e-commerce business.

In order to become an effective technology partner, our IT engineers have thoroughly learned the unique processes used at the client's company. Thanks to this, they were able to give advice, design the architecture of the created solutions well, and accurately connect the information appearing in various applications.
Here are the applications that were created:

Application for handling photo sessions

Each product must be photographed and described before it reaches the virtual shelf. To facilitate the process, the Photographe, Scheduler & Category Switch applications were developed, which have made it easier to plan photo sessions, download photos taken by photographers, but also manage product descriptions and their translations (sending texts to translators if they have not yet been translated).

Returns applications

The Returns Processing application supports employees handling shipments in the returns warehouse. The solution provides support for returns at a basic level, i.e. where the decision is obvious and can be made by any warehouse employee. In order to make working with the application simple to use, even a less experienced user, and to comfortably process subsequent articles, an intuitive touch interface was created, available in many languages.

On the other hand, returned goods that raise doubts as to their unusability are handled in the Returns Handling application. There, people with more experience make decisions on how to proceed in contentious situations. The application supports the decision-making process thanks to the tips displayed. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the decision to accept or reject the returned goods.  

While using the application, it quickly turned out that it is worth introducing additional criteria for accepting returns, depending on the type of good. For example, this could be the careful inspection of the soles of returned footwear.

This spawned a third application: Administration Tool. It allows you to define additional control points for different groups of articles.  

Application for call-center and customer service

The application supports call-centre employees in customer service. Employees can find the history of customer orders, preview the status of shipments/returns, can grant vouchers, take notes, etc. The application connects to many client’s websites/applications.

Project result
Project results

Enabling the presentation of the offer on the store's website in many languages, thanks to the development and implementation of complex logic for handling smaller processes (e.g. adding photos, descriptions, parameters) on the backend.

Facilitating the processing of returns by designing and implementing dedicated applications to handle returns processing large amounts of data.

Enabling the use of warehouse applications even by novice users, thanks to the implementation of an intuitive, multilingual touch interface.

Consistency of data and minimizing the need for manual transfer, thanks to understanding the client's business processes and integrating data of about 20 systems.