A cloud application for regulatory reporting for financial institutions.

Google Cloud

To help financial institutions prepare for future regulatory challenges.


Creation of a SaaS platform that automates the mandatory reporting process.


Transferring the on-premis system to the cloud.


eON SaaS is the cloud-based successor to the aSISt application, which is currently used by over 500 financial institutions. It enables the preparation of regulatory reports after logging into Google Cloud resources in a web browser. The main application components in the SaaS model are:

eON – a basic web application supporting the entire reporting process built in Java, Spring and React. The application component, which is the main source of information about the operation of the business application;

ONboard - a starter application for users of the reporting system, presenting a list of reports with statuses, common for dedicated client groups. From the application, the user can go directly to the handling of reports in the eON application;

AuthService - a component responsible for the authentication process of business users and authorization support, based on Keycloak software.

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    Frontend & Backend Development, Cloud adoption and migration

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    Banking, Finance, RegTech, Regulatory reporting

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The dynamic development of technology, the digitization of many areas and the ever-increasing maintenance costs are forcing financial institutions to look for modern and secure solutions.

The increase in reporting obligations in recent years, both in terms of the number and volume of reports, generates the need to scale the machines for their processing, to ensure the stability and continuity of the reporting system.

Ensuring data security is another important aspect for the SaaS service in an era of increased risk of data security breaches and an increase in cybercriminal attacks.


eON SaaS is a service built on Google Cloud based on GKE clusters with Cloud SQL (Postgres) database services. The individual components of the solution integrate with each other through REST services and asynchronous communication based on Cloud Pub/Sub..

The use of the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach allows you to control changes and configurations of the cloud environment. The ability to automate the provisioning of resources increases the scalability of the cloud, thus saving time and money.

The GCP infrastructure is provided using Terraform and services such as Google Source Repository, Cloud Build, Artifact Registry, and Binary Authorization.

Security of access to the system was ensured thanks to the use of the Cloud Identity system integrated with Azure AD and precisely defined access levels for specific groups of users. Data and customer environments are physically separated from each other in accordance with the requirements of supervisors.

Resource security monitoring is possible thanks to the use of the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tool. All security mechanisms are based on standards and norms: ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and CSA STAR.

Project results
Project results

eON SaaS is a system ready to use almost immediately after purchase. The entire infrastructure is on the supplier's side, thanks to which a computer and a web browser are enough to start working.

The user-friendly and intuitive interface is familiar to users from the desktop version of aSISt. An additional benefit is the unlimited number of users viewing the data. The limit is only for users with the right to edit data. Editing users can share work within a session.

Thanks to the safe and effective FINGO Security Management System, we ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. We also help in meeting supervisory requirements for the processing of reporting information in the Cloud.