Optimized website and online event applications

Increasing the efficiency of marketing and sales activities thanks to the construction of an optimized company website for a car dealer. Also enabling online marketing events thanks to dedicated applications.


To increase the efficiency of marketing and sales activities.


Enabling the organization of online marketing events and the sale of cars via the website.


Creation of an optimized website and event applications.


Our client is a German interactive agency specializing in organizing unforgettable advertising events for well-known international brands. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they asked us for support in the implementation of 3 projects. It involved the creation of a company website integrated with a sales platform for one of the car dealers, as well as preparation and improvement of two applications enabling online events.

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    Frontend & Backend Development, Integracja, Bazy danych

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    Automotive, Car dealer

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A car dealer's website built in PHP was very slow, and could not be integrated with one of Europe's largest car offer platforms – www.mobile.de. The website also lacked many functions, e.g. advanced and quick filtering, or a form for arranging visits to the workshop which supports sales.
During the pandemic, all events moved online. Marketing events require a setting that is consistent with the visual identity of the promoted brand, resulting in the need to expand the functions in the created marketing applications and connect them with streaming platforms.


A car dealer website

Our developers were responsible for preparing the entire frontend, i.e. a search engine, advanced filtering of the car catalogue and a contact form that allows you to arrange a discussion on the website. They also had to integrate the website with the mobile.de platform, so that the data on the website downloaded from the sales platform was updated several times a day. This required backend work using Node.JS.

An event application supporting the launch of a new car model on the market

The purpose of the application was to enable live presentations via YouTube with the possibility for participants to ask questions in real-time chat, also enabling you to easily sign up for a test drive on the dates available in the dealer's CMS.

Therefore, our developers have integrated and configured the TedMe messenger. They made the changes needed to conduct online presentations, and also prepared templates for automatic e-mails supporting the participants' registration. What's more, they adapted the time slots to specific events in the CMS.

Here, the work was done on the frontend using SASS and enriching the application with full responsiveness. The entire project was in line with the best UX/UI practices and the visual identification of the recipient, in this case a luxury car marque.

An event app to promote Germany as a holiday destination

The application made it possible to conduct online presentations via Zoom and display the agenda of the meeting. Time zones turned out to be a challenge here - every user, regardless of where they were, had to see that it was a LIVE presentation. As part of maintenance work on the CMS, our developers updated the system, upgrading Directus 6 to version 9.

Project result
Project results

Enabling more effective navigation by the user on the car dealer's side, thanks to the addition of increased data processing and filtering speed in the catalogue with a large amount of data – 600 cars in approximately 2 to 3 seconds.

Automated update of offers on the dealer's website thanks to integration with the mobile.de platform.

Enabling online events thanks to integration with YouTube, Zoom and TedMe chat platforms.

Increasing the efficiency of work in CMS agencies, thanks to software updates.