A lightweight start-up app that wakes up other resource-hungry cloud apps. Depending on the frequency of use of the main application, ONboard allows you to reduce the costs of maintaining cloud products offered in the SaaS model from 25% to even up to 75%.

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To reduce the cost of maintaining SaaS products.


Optimizing the use of cloud resources.


A start-up application that wakes up other cloud applications.


The FINGO systems is a range of software applications that facilitate the preparation of complicated regulatory reports by financial institutions. Some of the products are based on cloud infrastructure, which allows them to be sold in the SaaS model. One of them is eON, the cloud successor of the aSISt application, which is currently used by over 500 banks and payment institutions in Poland and across the European Union.

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    Frontend, Backend, Cloud Infrastructure, QA

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    Banking, Finance, RegTech, Regulatory reporting

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The supervisory authorities, e.g., NBP, EBA, forces financial institutions to prepare detailed periodic reports. Reports are prepared in particular applications, which in practice are used by bank employees for a short period. Depending on the type of report, it may be, for example, three days per month or twice a year.

Some regulatory reporting applications use cloud infrastructure, where you pay for the actual use of resources. However, this is a costly solution for SaaS product owners. They must keep stable applications on standby, which are only used for a few days, and at the same time ensure continuous access for many supervised institutions (in multiple instances).

Therefore, you need a solution that allows you to manage cloud infrastructure more effectively, ensuring access to the proper application 24/7/365 and a positive experience for the end user.


The ONboard application is built in Google Cloud. It fulfils two functions, namely the start screen and the application that wakes up the selected cloud application.

After logging in to the ONboard application, the user sees on the screen a list of all the reports along with their status (e.g. whether the report has already been sent to the regulator). By clicking on the line with a given report, the appropriate cloud application for mandatory reporting is automatically activated, in which the client can continue working.

All users share the ONboard desktop view in a given company.

The reporting application goes to sleep when the user logs out of the system or when the system records that the user has been inactive for a specified period. To edit the report, the user selects the report visible on the ONboard desktop again, and the target application wakes up again.

Project result
Project results

Reducing the costs of maintaining FINGO systems cloud products from 25% to even 75% per month, depending on the intensity of users' work with the system – lowering the actual use of the system means more significant savings.

Ensuring that irregularly used, resource-intensive applications do not run 24/7 would not only generate unnecessary costs. Still, it would also result in unnecessary energy consumption. The use of ONboard allowed the shutting down of a large part of the infrastructure, thus limiting the use of computing power and reducing the environmental impact.

Everything was carried out while maintaining the full convenience of using the system – basic information about reports is available immediately. The infrastructure is turned on and off in the background in response to the user's business activities in the system.

In the future, the ONboard desktop may also display important messages, e.g. information about planned modernization works.