The creation of intuitive configurators for Occhio luminaires supported in many languages. The optimization of packaging and the packaging process of thousands of personalized products.

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To adapt products to individual customer needs.


Enabling product personalization for b2b and btc customers.


Creation of intuitive configurators, optimization of the process of packaging and packaging of personalized products.


Occhio stands for outstanding design, a unique quality of light and 'joy of use' at the highest level – and therefore for a new culture of light. Founded in 1999, Occhio is now one of the most innovative and fastest-growing companies, having developed from its position as a German design icon to become an international lifestyle brand in the luxury segment. For more than 20 years, they have been fascinated by the idea of perfect lighting, and they love enabling others to experience this.

Products are sold through multiple channels. This ranges from retail sales in proprietary stores, through partners (e.g. architectural offices), to an online store. Each customer group has the ability to configure Occhio products according to their own needs.

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    UX/UI, Frontend & Backend Development

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    LED lighting, E-commerce

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Occhio luminaries can be configured in dozens of ways, which makes each order unique. For this to be possible, and for the process of handling such orders to be impeccable, well-thought-out IT solutions are needed. They have to be, on the one hand, capable of allowing the easy personalization of lamps and providing information about the product in the appropriate language. And, on the other hand, make it easier for warehouse employees to pick, pack and send orders.


Over many years of cooperation, the FINGO development team together with Occhio employees have designed several solutions to support the submission and execution of orders.

Intuitive luminarie configurators
In response to the various needs of B2B and B2C customers, intuitive luminarie configurators have been created that guide the user step-by-step through the entire process. Each of the applications allows you to personalize the ordered lamp according to various parameters: size, colour, assembly type, etc. It displays a visualization of the configured product and provides detailed documentation for the selected model in the language selected by the customer. Configurators, depending on the recipient group, are adapted to be used on the website and on touch screens available in stationary facilities.

Label printing application
Information about the order goes to the DynLab application, which prints labels that clearly define the ordered product. The label contains a full description of the products (i.e. model name, size, component colours and lamp drawing) with the generated product code. What's more, the lamps are packaged in accordance with Package Logic. Therefore, the packer also receives information on the number and type of boxes and the labels they should be marked with. S/he also knows what additional documents (such as: warranty card, energy label) should be included in the shipment.

Project result
Project results

Providing the simple configuration of luminarie by individual and business customers, thanks to the creation of intuitive applications adapted to be operated both via a browser and on touch screens.

Enabling easy access to product documentation for customers by adding it to configurators and displaying it in the language selected by the customer.

Optimizing the packaging and shipping of orders by printing labels that contain packaging guidelines and essential product information.

Providing technological support over many years of cooperation in the implementation of various types of projects.