Migration from VB6 to .NET and changing the desktop application for handling custom product orders to a microservice in the cloud.

Entity Framework Core
Azure platform

To optimize the way hundreds of partners order custom products.


Modernization of software for configuring personalized products.


Migration from VB6 to .NET and changing the desktop application to a cloud microservice.


Gandalan is a German company that produces mosquito nets for doors and windows, with several hundred partners placing regular orders. In order for the CNC machines to cut the aluminum frames to the required dimensions, the IT team created their own software, which required modernization over the years.

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    Frontend & Backend Development, Cloud infrastructure, Cloud migration, Optimization

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    Mosquito net manufacturing

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The software that the Gandalan team created was a desktop application written in the old VisualBasic language. Its updates were problematic as they required several hundred partners to update. An additional problem was the lack of automated tests, which had an impact on the partners' dissatisfaction (e.g. the produced profiles had the wrong dimensions).


A dedicated team on the FINGO side rewrote the old application to the latest .NET version and changed the desktop application to a micro-service in the cloud. Now updates can take place in one place (cloud) and everyone can use the latest version at the same time.

Not without significance is also the reduction of order processing time from a dozen (or even several dozen) seconds to 80-150 MILSECONDS. Integration tests have also been added to catch potential regression errors.

In addition, emerging differences in the resulting data are now visualized in the application available on the website. Developers and testers can see if the changes made coincide with the recently added fixes and whether they apply to specific product lines.

Project result
Project results

We have improved the quality of the application (no more errors).

Integration tests have been added to catch potentially unwanted regression errors.

Integration tests have been added to catch potentially unwanted regression errors.

Many orders are tested automatically.

Order processing time has been reduced from a dozen (even several dozen) seconds to 80 - 150 milliseconds.

The application is now written in a modern language and can be easily developed and developed by programmers familiar with the new technology.

Thanks to FINGO's knowledge, we support the client not only in the field of software development, but also in the field of DEV-OPS, managing services and automating processes in Azure.