FINGO mobile app

An application that makes it easier for FINGO employees to handle everyday administrative and office matters, e.g. managing holiday requests or remote parking operations. The application works in the web version as well as on smartphones for Android and iOS.

React Native
Azure Active Directory
React Native
Azure Active Directory

Over the years, our software house has developed several internal applications that make it easier for employees to carry out various administrative and office matters daily.

From managing leave requests and keeping attendance records (Urlopia) through group ordering of lunches co-financed with the employer (JaJemTo) to booking hot desks or remote parking management.

To collect these solutions in one place and to access internal network resources more securely, our programmers wrote the FINGO application.


The application may only be used by our company's employees. Therefore, we needed a solution to enable their identification and management of granting and receiving access.

Moreover, each mentioned application was created separately and connected to different databases. Some were publicly available, and some were after the VPN was turned on. Providing a solid but convenient login method was essential to secure access to all solutions.

Furthermore, all the solutions were only supported in the web version, which was cumbersome when using them on a smartphone.


Our developers used Azure Active Directory to manage access and permission levels. They also introduced a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution based on the OpenID Connect protocol, thanks to which the user logs in to all applications with one password and multi-factor authentication. The solutions increase the level of security against unauthorized third-party login to the application.

The architecture has been unified. Network traffic (input/output) is passed through the GATEWAY API (a gateway at the network's edge) created based on the open-source KrakenD solution, which checks security tokens. Then, the traffic is directed to the API of individual applications (Urlopia/JaJemTo/HotDesks, etc.) written in various technologies - JAVA and NodeJS. Applications are hosted on Amazon Web Services.

The application is available in a desktop version. It also has administrator functions. For users' convenience, we have also created a mobile version – an application for smartphones that can be downloaded from Google Play and App Stores.

Project result
Project results

An increase in the level of employee satisfaction
Collecting all solutions in one application facilitated access to many amenities offered by the employer. As a result, employees became more willing to use them.

Stronger protection against unauthorized access to company resources 
Access management is now almost automatic, and introducing a new but easier-to-use login method (2FA) has provided stronger protection against unauthorized access. 

Freeing up time by streamlining and automating administrative and HR activities 
Writing down processes related to repetitive and everyday tasks (e.g. keeping an attendance list, accepting leave requests, or ordering and settling lunches) and their digitization freed up the working time of employees of the administrative and HR departments. Thanks to this, they can focus on more important things that affect our employees’ satisfaction. 

Corporate concierge as an employee benefit 
The application is a beneficial employee benefit that is eagerly mentioned by HR when recruiting new employees.