Event app for banking

An application for configuring and managing information about work events for bank employees on a large scale.

JSF-Java Server Faces

To improve the management of information about internal bank events.


Digitization and automation of the process in accordance with internal security policies and procedures.


Application for registration, configuration and management of internal information. events.


Frequent organization of work events for employees, e.g. integration trips or competence-improving training, is the domain of large organizations. Managing information of the details and being able to easily register for an event is as important as conducting the meeting itself. This is especially so when many events addressed to different groups of employees take place in one month. That's why one of the leading banks on the German market asked us to create an application that would enable them to easily configure, manage information about internal events and register users.

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    Frontend & Backend Development, Infrastructure, Databases, QA

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    Finance, Banking, Event management

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Organizing internal events on a certain scale (both in terms of the number of events and the number of people invited) becomes quite a challenge. To efficiently carry out the process of registering people for events, you need a tool that will facilitate the configuration and management of event information and automate the preparation of the list of participants in accordance with the bank's internal policies. Such a tool must also be adapted to the bank's complex processes and meet security requirements.


Salutor is a customized application supporting the organization of large-scale events for bank employees.

The application allows you to easily create landing pages (LPs) with detailed information and registration forms. New LPs can be created in two ways, either from scratch, or by cloning an old version and editing it. Moreover, to support the process of updating the content, LPs have special modules that download information from the CMS on an ongoing basis, displaying the most up-to-date event data to the user.

The manager of a branch or department in a bank decides which employee should participate in a given event. Therefore, the tool supports the process of "inviting" participants to the event and automates the process of collecting the list of participants.

To provide immediate access to registration even from a mobile device, our developers have created a responsive website that automatically adjusts to the display size. The ideal solution was expected to not only adapt the appearance of the website to the device, but also support older browsers on computers. The tool that met all these criteria was Bootstrap.

Our graphic designers also participated in the development of the solution, providing their experience in the area of current UX standards. These efforts ensured that the website was equally user-friendly and intuitive, irrespective of whether it is viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Importantly, participant registration often takes place immediately after mailing. This means that the application has to handle a lot of traffic in a very short time. We ensured easy integration with a powerful database such as Oracle or PostgreSQL, allowing us to handle several thousand requests per hour. Thanks to this, guests can be sure that their registrations will be processed almost immediately.

Currently, Salutor is maintained by FINGO. As part of any maintenance work, new functions are added and minor glitches are ironed out..

Project result
Project results

Providing a customized tool that is tailored to the bank's needs and processes;

Increasing traffic on event websites by creating a responsive application supported by older browser versions;

Increasing the number of users who can sign up for events by improving UX – ensuring a well-thought-out and functional website design, as well as integration with databases;

Speeding up the creation of extensive LPs of cyclical events, thanks to page cloning and genetic configuration;

Ensuring the long-term continuity of application operation thanks to maintenance works.